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Said organization is responsible for advertising for its team night. Printing and distribution of flyers will come at their own expense. In order to be successful, we recommend advertising and distributing flyers one to two weeks prior to the event. Flyers must not be distributed in or around restaurant premises. Restaurant agrees to donate advertised % of total sales (less sales tax) of purchases made by supporters of said event upon presentation of fundraiser flyer and writing fundraiser on guest check. No coupons, discounts or other offers valid during fundraiser event! Restaurant agrees to keep an accurate record of sales credited to organization and to make said records available to the organization representative within three days of the event. A check will be presented within 10 days of the event.


Requested Information
Organization Name
Organization Email Address
Date of Fundraiser
Hours of Fundraiser
Check to be issued to:
City, State, Zip:
Organization Contact Name:
Organization Phone:
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